‘The Bachelor’ Star Sean Lowe Is Tagged As The ‘Virgin Bachelor’ And He Is Proud Of It!


“The Bachelor” star Sean Lowe entered the dating reality show as a virgin and he is not ashamed about it at all. While most of the bachelors in the show brag about their experiences with the women, Lowe brags about decision to save sex for marriage.

If you go check out his Instagram, you will see one post in there telling the world how proud he is to be a virgin before marrying his wife Catherine. Lowe refused to flow with the patterns of the world and chose to honor God.

In the post, he shared a photo of himself in a billboard with the words “They labeled me as the virgin Bachelor.” It’s actually a statement he made with I Am Second. And then in the caption below it, he wrote, “The Virgin Bachelor’ will go down as the unsexiest nickname of all-time. But I wouldn’t change it for anything.”

Lowe then went on to speak more through his blog wherein one post detailed his explanation for his decision to remain celibate before marriage. He wrote that God knows us more than anyone else in this world. He knows that “the desires of the heart don’t always point us in the right direction.”

“The ‘go with it if it feels right’ attitude can often times lead to trouble and heartbreak (John 10:10). How does this pertain to sex? Well, Catherine and I wanted to do sex God’s way. We both wanted to live in His blessing and chase after His heart instead of doing life our way. The decision to wait until marriage was just an act of obedience.

We try to be obedient in other ways too (like tithing, serving, witnessing, etc.) because we know His way is better. We know he wants the best for us because he loves us with an indescribable kind of love. We might not always understand it in the moment, but trusting God will always lead to true fulfillment and joy,” Lowe wrote.

Lowe may have deviated from what is “normal” to the world but it only proves that he is set apart.

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