Christian Pastor In Aleppo Chose To Stay In Syria Despite War to Serve Muslims And Christians In War



The war situation in Aleppo, Syria has easily caused its locals to flee the city to save their lives. But one Christian pastor decided to stay to continue serving Muslims and Christians in need.

Alim, not his real name, reportedly chose to stay in the war-torn city despite his brothers in Germany already told him to migrate and come live with them. Alim simply believes that his calling is in the city to help those who cannot make their way out of the country.

The pastor currently lives in a part of the city that is under the administration of the Syrian government. He leads a congregation that helps about 2,000 families, both Christians and Muslims. Every month, the church and a couple of motivated volunteers help in providing food and other necessities like clean drinking water, medicine, clothes and even money to pay for rent.

The calling that Alim and his team had taken is no easy feat. They face danger all the time. One time, a bomb exploded next to the church where they were having a meeting.

“The other day, as we finished our meeting on Friday, a bomb exploded next to the church, killing a young girl and her brother. On Sunday, when we were getting ready for church, bombs exploded around our house,” he said.

But the risk has not caused Alim to be discouraged in his mission. In fact, despite having a relative who died after a shrapnel from a rocket broke through the walls of his parent’s house, he is still in Aleppo sharing hope to the hopeless. He said that he wants to make a difference and help those who are still alive.

Aside from helping, they have not forgotten to lead people to Jesus. The church baptizes 15 to 20 people each year. There could have been more but some hesitate due to community pressure.

Source: Christian Times

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