Darren Wilson’s New TV Series “Adventures With God” Official Trailer Excites Everyone!

Christian Filmmaker Darren Wilson who created the real life amazing films (Finger of God, Furious Love, Holy Ghost Reborn, etc.) reflecting the Glory of God in the life of revivalists creates another TV series that will surely astound us again.

Wilson recently posted on his Facebook account:

“After many, many months of hard work, I am happy to finally announce our biggest release ever: my first TV Series, Adventures With God, available this December. Check out the trailer and please share as much as possible!”

According to WPFilms, Darren has long wanted to make a television series, as his films are uniquely suited for a more condensed, shorter format. In the first TV Series created by WP Films, Darren looks back on 10 years of traveling the world in search of God, and the many adventures he has had along the way. Asking big, tough questions about God and faith, and adding never-before-seen portions of Darren’s travels, you will see these adventures through a brand new lens. Whether you have seen everything or are new to Darren’s journey with God, Adventures With God will challenge you with new questions and inspire you with new adventures.

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