Donald Trump Won In U.S. Election…What To Do Now? (Calling Everyone To Stand In Prayer!)


America’s 45th president has now been announced and the victory goes to millionaire businessman Donald Trump. It was a close fight against Democratic nominee Hilary Clinton but the American citizens have chosen their leader. By next year, in January, Trump will be moving in to the White House.

But now that the Election is over, what should we do next? The truth is that the battle is not over yet. If we have fervently prayed for the next president of the United States, we are all called to pray even more for the nation.

In a Facebook post by Pastor Greg Laurie of the California-based Harvest Christian Fellowship, he wrote that it’s now time for all Americans to unite and go hand in hand in praying for President-elect Trump. Regardless of how or whom we voted, everyone should take part in praying.

“America has spoken. Let’s all pray now for our President-elect, Donald Trump. Regardless of how you voted, it’s time to set that aside and pray for wisdom for our new president as he puts his cabinet together and sets the course for the future of what I have always believed is the greatest country on Earth — the United States of America,” Laurie wrote.

“I pray that America turns back to God. He has never turned His back on us. Scripture reminds us that, ‘The Most High rules in the kingdom of men and gives it to whomever He will’ (Daniel 4:17),” he added.

Reverend Franklin Graham also urged everyone to unite during the term of Trump.

“This election has been long, it’s been tough, and it’s been divisive. It’s time to put that behind us. Now is the time to come together in unity and work together. Our nation has so many problems that need fixing. Even more important are the spiritual needs of our country,” Graham wrote in his own message.

The result of the Election may be something you hoped for or something you largely contradict. But in the end, we can only trust God to make America the country He wants it to be. Time to rally in prayers for “the land of the free and home of the brave.”

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