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Janette McGhee expresses her heart in music, dance, and spoken word poetry. This is her testimony on how God healed her in the past. When she was still a 9-year old girl, she experienced a horrible circumstance – she was molested by the one who babysits her, and later on, her very own father. In this spoken word poetry, Janette told her testimony that she will never photoshop the truth. Whatever people say, she wouldn’t photoshop the truth so that it would feel less offensive. You don’t have to photoshop yourself because God already saw your worst state yet loves you the same.

Satan is a deceiver, one who gives a false impression. He had you to believe you have to become someone you don’t.


“To every little boy and girl who feel defenseless, to every man and woman who feels like the enemy has beaten them senseless, for every single soul who’s crying in the middle of the night so that no one would hear, for every face buried in pillows to hide the tears, for every voice that wants to speak out and really tried, Christ is the voice of life that can be your inhaler.”

Janette’s testimony touched and inspired thousands of people. So don’t forget to share this because a lot of people needs hope, needs you! Let’s bless one another!

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