Ex-Satanist Called As ‘Master Lucifer’ Tells His Story. Powerful Transformation!

Eugene Nel was a Satanist and was greatly involved with drugs with numerous criminal records. Everyone fears him and calls him “Master Lucifer” as he was a servant of Satan. But now he serves the LORD at Word Impact Faith Ministry in Kraaifontein under the leadership of Pastor Lintoor Fortuin. Eugene encountered God and transformed him from Glory to Glory in just a day.

Below is the video as he tells the story of what happened on that magnificent day…

“They called me “master lu” which was the shortened name of “master lucifer”.

Everyone called me by that name, because no one really knew what my real name was. I got involved in drugs and in the business of drugs twenty three years ago. I was hooked and used every available drug on the black market, from ecstasy, to heroin, tik, dagga and everything else. I became involved in the occult and in satanism, because I wanted to have power, power over money, women, and special powers that would protect me when I was fighting and would also give me power beyond myself. I wore a T-shirt with satan’s name inscribed on the front and the image of the beast at the back.

I had the beast tattooed on my arm and on my thigh and I had eight special rings, twice the size of my fingers, all inscribed with satanic signs, that I wore when fighting. I also wore the ‘ankh cross’ around my neck that gave me special magical powers and protected me. These items gave me special powers, so that I would not be harmed or caught for my crimes. Everyone in this area knew me very well. They knew that when I was possessed, I could roll over a bakkie with my bear hands like it was a toy. I fought the most horrifying fights where I would run a car over a man’s head and smash people’s heads in with fire extinguishers. When the police would arrive, I would come to myself and realize that I was not in control and had done things I never even realized I did.

Then I received a free DVD from someone, it was handed out by Revival Ministries South Africa, what I saw on the DVD, the miracles and wonders that I had never seen or heard of before, intrigued me and I felt a strange drawing inside of me to visit these meetings. When I arrived there the first night, I was shy and went straight up to go and sit on the top balcony of the church where the meetings were held.

To my surprise I saw a whole lot of familiar faces there as I came up the stairs. Some of Cape Town’s most notorious crime figures were sitting in the same meeting! i looked to my left and saw one of the most brutal rapists in our area, to my right were some of the most notorious thieves and robbers, there were murderers and “tik koppe” and drug dealers, I waved at them and thought “well, I feel right at home now!”.

A short time into the meeting something very peculiar began happening to me, I began breaking out in a sweat, I was so hot that I had to walk over to a nearby window for fresh air. But nothing seemed to help, I just kept on sweating and getting hotter and hotter, as the meeting went on, a strange emotion welling up in me, tears began rolling down my cheeks, I did not know what was happening to me, yet I felt so good. As the altar call was made, I found myself leaping out of my chair, as if something Greater than me was pulling me to the front, I realized that it was also what I was feeling at work inside of me.

I reached the front and by this time I was openly and uncontrollably weeping in the Presence of God. When Pastor Johann prayed for me, the Power of God knocked me down to the floor.

I got up a little while later a transformed man!

Since that moment I have not had a craving or touched drugs again! God, in one moment, had set me free from 23 years of drug addiction! I was gloriously saved that night and a few weeks ago I was baptized in water also.

Tonight as I stood in the Presence of Jesus in this meeting, I was baptized in the Holy Spirit also! Jesus spoke to me in a Heavenly Tongue that I could understand, and I found myself answering Him back in the same Language!

He said, “Eugene I want you to always be in total obedience of Me and My Voice and I want you to serve Me with your whole heart!”.

JESUS changed and transformed me and I praise Him as my Lord!

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