Experiencing Holy Spirit Without Measure

Christians are longing and waiting for something that’s already here. (Seth Doyle)

I’ve found a lot Christians are sincerely waiting for a season of greater glory. In the midst of dryness and lethargy, they desire greater access to the “supernatural.” There’s a deep longing for breakthrough. A day is being envisioned when healing, deliverance and vast spiritual empowerment will finally be available in the church.

The funny thing is that most don’t realize that we’re already living in a time of great breakthrough. Scripture firmly declares that, He gives the Spirit without measure” (John 3:34).

The phrase “without measure” means there’s no limit to the availability and scope of the Holy Spirit’s power. It may seem unfathomable, but the present access to the “supernatural” is truly vast and unending. Despite what popular religion espouses, God isn’t holding back from us.

If the Spirit has truly been given without measure, then there’s an obligation to actively engage the world as responsible stewards. I’m sure you know God doesn’t make it a practice to limit the advancement of His own work. So whenever there’s a breakdown, it is undoubtedly due to us. Our tendency to waver in faith always brings tragic consequences.

I believe it is time for the saints to emerge. We must raise deflated hopes and help restore an expectation for good in the earth. Now more than ever it’s time for us to press into glory.

What would happen if Christians weren’t so risk adverse? Can you imagine a world where the sons and daughters of the living God weren’t afraid to access marvelous inheritances? I certainly can. Though many would contest this, I believe the glorious day of the Spirit has already come. It is only waiting to be appropriated.

It’s time for the Church to embrace a much greater destiny and calling. God is inviting us to venture out of the darkness and boldly express His wonder. He is positioning us to live like a people who truly have the Spirit without measure.

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