Flyleaf’s Lacey Sturm Shares Her Emotional Affair With A Married Man (How Did She Deal With It?)


In her second book, “The Mystery: Finding True Love in a World of Broken Lovers,” former Flyleaf front woman Lacey Nicole Sturm writes another inspirational memoir about love and relationships, depression, and how she found hope, healing, and God’s amazing love through it all.

“The Mystery” shows her personal struggles and journey since her childhood years up to her current married life. In an interview by Jason Prince of Icon vs. Icon, she said she wanted to help others through her book.

“For me, personally, I went through some devastating things that almost took my life. When I came out of it, I had this crazy feeling that I wanted to help someone else to not have to go through a similar experience or to heal from something like what I went through,” Sturm said.

Sturm’s book thoroughly gives the details of her wrong relationship with a married man named Nathan. The guy turned to her day and night to ask for “godly advices.” Her fellow youth leaders warned her but didn’t realized until Nathan asked her out. On the other hand, in a chapter titled “Orphan Identity,” Sturm tackled her teenage rebellion, acting out to seek attention from a father figure which for her was everyone’s struggle.

In her book, she also tackled her first marriage at an early age which eventually led to divorce, her being into an emotional affair and becoming suicidal, and in the long run even made her question her belief in God.

“I ended up at the very end learning that even though God brings people into your life to represent His heart, His father’s heart, or His great love. The truth is, we only have one Father and that’s God, and we only have one Bridegroom and that’s Christ,” Sturm emphasized. “So I see how none of those can become idols because God says everything can be shaken but what can’t be shaken remains, and that’s Him.”

Source: Christian Post

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