Just So You Are About To Stop, ‘Learn To Dream Again’


Below is an article written by Pastor Banning Liebscher, a staff from Bethel Church (Redding, California) for 18 years and founded the ministry of Jesus Culture, and published by Kris Vallotton on his blog.

Well, just so you are about to eventually or totally stop dreaming, learn to dream again. Here’s the reason why.

As human beings, we reach our highest potential when we harness the power of our imagination to birth the realities and purposes of God for us and for the world. When we dream with God, as Mary did, we co-create masterpieces of His imagination.

Years ago I had a dream in the night that would be a defining moment of my life. In the dream I was preaching. As I spoke, I was reaching inside of people and uncapping wells of dreams inside them. The people I was preaching to lost their ability to dream because the wells in their hearts were capped. God was revealing to me a mandate He had placed on my life to come alongside people and call them to dream again. It was because of this dream that my heart was stirred as I read the pages of ‘Casting Vision and Capturing Hearts’, chapter fourteen of Kris’ book Heavy Rain.



For too long people have refused to dream or even imagine all that God has for them because they are petrified of failure. They have bought into “reality” and in doing so, shut down their ability to dream. But God is calling His church to dream again. The Bible says that if we are to receive the Kingdom of God we must approach it like a child. Children are, by their very nature, dreamers. In every situation, their imaginations run wild. Here’s the sobering difference between children and adults: children don’t live in “reality.” As we age, we begin to understand things like odds and statistics. We hear stories of people that dreamt and failed. We encounter our own disappointments that slowly shut down our desire to dream. But the Bible makes it clear that when God’s Spirit is poured out young men will see visions and old men will dream dreams. The actual ability to dream is part of the inheritance we have in the Spirit of God. God wants us dreaming.

If we are to dream, we must understand that God does not live in our “reality.” He is not confined to odds and statistics. God calls us His children to throw off those constraints and allow ourselves to dream. Jonathan, the covenantal friend of David, was a dreamer who refused to be boxed in by “reality”. He had a dream to take on the army of the Philistines. He grabbed a friend and headed across the valley to confront them. On the way, he reminded his friend who was carrying his armor that God could save by many or by few. He was declaring the truth that we can dream an audacious dream because the God we serve is not confined to statistics. Because of this, Jonathan allowed himself to dream.

I can remember being seventeen years old, shortly after I surrendered my life fully to the Lord, sitting in class and daydreaming about stadiums full of people. In my dreams my friends and I were on stage and I was just about to get up and preach to a stadium packed with those seeking God. Since then there have been many dreams that I have seen both in the night season and in my heart. I don’t know what I would do without these dreams. They are what push me to press on when it is difficult. When I cannot see what is ahead of me and the way seems filled with obstacles, these dreams call me to live a life of faith.



God wants to uncap the wells of dreams in your life. He is giving you permission to imagine all that He can do through your surrendered heart. Those who change the world are dreamers. It is scary because it takes you off the map and into territory you have never been, but as a follower of Jesus, it is the only way to live. You will never regret allowing yourself to dream and following those dreams wholeheartedly.

So, are you ready to dream again?

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