This Man Hears The Gospel For The Very First Time. His Response Upon Hearing It Is PRICELESS!

After nine months of ministering, visiting and showing grace to Ricky, Francis Chan and his team had the privilege of sitting down with Ricky on June 15th, way back year of 2012 to walk him through the Gospel.

He was in a Gospel quartet for 14 years singing about God’s “Amazing Grace” but never understood what it meant. For 30 minutes, Francis shared Ephesians 2:1-10 and John 3 with him. Ricky was overwhelmed that Jesus was willing to lay down His own life. His response to hearing the Gospel for the first time was worth capturing on video. We closed by singing Amazing Grace; this time, he truly understood what he was singing about.

Watch this powerful and beautiful exchange as 1 soul had just heard the good news of God’s kingdom.

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