Man From Satanist Group Tried To Destroy A Church…He Didn’t Expect This To Happen To Him Instead


What are the chances of a member of a Satanist group to miraculously turn to Jesus? Anything is possible even though it doesn’t seem like it. But God can change even the hardest heart. That’s what basically happened to a man who was a member of a Satanist group in Peru.

According to reports, the man entered a church in Iquitos, Peru with plans of destroying the place. But instead of pushing through with his plot, he encountered the Lord.

Helen Williams of World Missionary Press spoke to Mission Network News that the “man almost ran to the front of the church to give his heart to Jesus.”

“He belonged to a cult of Satanists…. They’d been sent out to destroy the largest churches that were preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and this man had been assigned to this church in Iquitos. But, he could not resist the power of God, and ended up receiving Jesus Christ as his Savior,” Williams shared.

For those who don’t know yet, Iquitos is a place in Peru known for its “spiritual tourism.” In here you will find a hub of Satanist cult and people travel to this city to experience the dark culture. There is even this dangerous drink called Ayahuasca which tourists seek to experience purging out all the negative stuff. It’s believed to be a healing process. Iquitos is also known for witchcraft and dark magic for a very long time already.

But despite the grave darkness surrounding the city, that doesn’t stop the power of Christ from prevailing. The church plays a big role in the city as it helps bring light to the dark. Williams shared that the church’s mission to give help to those who need it. She said that the church is always “opening doors to those who are struggling.

“That’s what’s worked there, and what works around the world, because people are needy and Christ is the answer for that need,” she added.

Source: Mission Network News

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