Rude Strangers Laughed At Her Son’s Moles But Look What This Christian Mom Did…


Erez is a sweet, 8-year-old boy born with Congenital Melanocytic Naevus. He also happens to be covered in moles because of this rare condition in which his body produces too much melanin. As a result, he was born with moles covering his body, including a huge mole on his back. The boy’s moles are internal, as well. They are on his spine and even his brain, which has caused epileptic seizures. Erez also has scoliosis. Erez endured multiple surgeries, and took some time to recovery. But as he grew, so did his bright personality!

Erez’s parents Ruthi and her husband weren’t shocked or bothered by Erez’s appearance at all when he was born. They loved him just the way God made him!

rude-strangers-laughed-sons-moles-look-christian-mom1-minSadly, sometimes people stare or even make fun of him because of it. Naturally, his mom, Ruthi, can’t stand such cruel behavior. And when rude strangers recently mocked her son’s moles, she came up with an awesome way to cheer Erez up. And folks around the internet love it so much, they are joining in, too!

A Flood Of Support

Ruthi uploaded some of their pictures to Facebook, along with the story of how the rude strangers had mocked her son’s moles. And what happened next will restore your faith in humanity!

Ruthi’s post went viral, and messages of support poured in. From all over, strangers started posting photos of themselves covered in dots, using the hashtag “Friends of Erez.” The show of solidarity warmed Ruthi’s heart.

And Erez’s story serves as an important reminder for us all. While we will always be adversity — especially those society sees as “different” — there is still plenty of kindness left in this world!

“Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.” (Romans 15:7)

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