True Love Still Waits! (Yes, Even In This Generation!)


In our generation today, everything is instant already even in relationships. Ever heard of instant boyfriend/girlfriend? But despite that phenomenon going on, we can still say the line “true love waits” because it is still very much alive even at this time.

There are still people out there who believes that love needs not to be rushed because there is always the right timing for that. Actually, no one will be able to tell the exact and right timing in finding love. Only God knows that.

But we have to understand that right timing requires being patient. There are those that jump from one relationship to another thinking that they will find true love. Then there are those who are afraid of not taking chances just because they think they may never find another one anymore. But love is waiting on God’s promise. It’s waiting for His go signal and we can only get this one if we stay connected to Him and continually seek Him.

If you choose to be in a relationship without even considering the right timing, things could go downhill. You could end up wasting lots of time and effort. And just like what some would say, they met someone but just at the wrong time.

True love also waits for the right season. We have four seasons—winter, spring, summer and fall. But when it comes to love, it’s important to determine the right season. If you’re still a student, your season is about being a student. If you’re trying to get a job, then perhaps your season is getting your career started. There is a right season for everything (Ecclesiastes 3:1)–season of being single, getting married, starting a family and the list goes on. God wants us to be prepared by Him spiritually, emotionally, financially, mentally and physically at the right season.

Lastly, true love waits for the right person. Of course, the first two would not make sense if you don’t have the right person. You can be at a season for marriage but if you are with the wrong person, it’s never going to be easy. There is no secret formula to finding the one. That is why we need God’s leading in this area.

So, are you going to wait for true love? Wait on God and rest assured you get the best!

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