Woman Drowning In Her SUV Is Miraculously Saved. You Wouldn’t Believe Who Saved Her!

In Colorado, torrential rains led to flash flooding and an SUV driver tried to make her way through but she got stuck. And as the water rose, the driver couldn’t escape. As her SUV slowly swept towards deeper waters, Charlene called her brother instead of coming out from the car, because she couldn’t swim. In sickeningly slow motion, with all four car windows shut tighter than a drum, Charlene and her car slipped into water about ten feet and sank. What happened next will make you shiver!

“There was something there I know I can’t explain it. But something happened for her to be able to be alive today. For me to be able to put her out. Something happened for that to happen.” Howard, the one who pulled her out, stated. Something Charlene and Howard and everyone there is still wondering about.

A lot of miracles happen every single day, every single moment. But most of the time we are oblivious to this truth. So don’t forget to share this because a lot of people need to be reminded. Need you to tell them that the miracles of Jesus Christ are still alive! Let’s bless one another!

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