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Young People Gathered In NY Times Square To Take A Stand For Jesus!

New York City is known for a lot of things. But on Saturday, amidst Times Square’s flashing lights, noisy streets, and honking cars, a beautiful sound arose.

Over the weekend, thousands of young adults gathered in Times Square for a very unexpected reason — and when I realized the reason why, I couldn’t help but tear up. This is beautiful.

As our nation faces one of the most pivotal elections in the history of America, thousands of young adults have decided to take an unconventional route of action.


On Saturday evening, countless men, women and children gathered to worship and proclaim that “God belongs in my City.” As I watched with tears streaming down my face, it was clear to me that a remnant is arising.


A declaration of faith resounded across Times Square as hundreds of Believers proclaimed,

“God belongs in my city. We pray; we are a city on our knees. We humble ourselves before our God. We proclaim one name, JESUS! JESUS! JESUS!”

Jesus Christ is our nation’s only hope! Now more than ever, we must join together in prayer for our beloved country. May God turn the hearts of our leaders and heal our land. May God Bless America!

Watch the beautiful moment the name of Jesus Christ is proclaimed across the streets of Times Square! SHARE to bless others!

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